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rf skin tightening

What is RF skin tightening ?
 The non-ablative Radiofrequency is a completely non-invasive skin tightening device for the face, neck, and body.
How does it work?
 The non-ablative Radiofrequency heats the deep layer of skin(dermis). This heat stimulates collagen and elastin formation resulting in skin tightening and improves wrinkles and sagging skin .
What can you expect after the treatment?
 You can expect an immediate tightening after the procedure. More results continue to be seen in the days following the treatment.
Is there any downtime?
There is no downtime and you can resume your activities immediately after the procedure
How many sessions are required?
Multiple sessions are required 1 - 3 weeks apart. It might take 4 - 8 treatments to get the desired results
Is there any pain during treatment?
There procedure is completely painless
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